- #1 Software Online Distributor in Russia

Softkey offers vendors from Russia and abroad an Internet sales channel based on automated Internet supermarket platform. Apart from placing products in the common catalog, we offer software developers a number of unique features. By setting prices and managing discounts, vendors can build their own business policy. Updated information on number of visitors and purchases made is at any times available to our partner. Authors can also create joint packages with other authors and developers.

Softkey Internet Supermarket sells both box and electronic software versions. Generally, there are 4 sales channels, and you can choose the one that suites you best:

  • Retail – sell software products through our Web site .
  • Order-processing – manage software products sales on the author's site.
  • Reseller – sell software products to Softkey JSC dealers.
  • Representation – sell software products through Softkey JSC representatives in other countries (electronic versions only).

By closing a contract with Softkey, original programmers can:

  • Enter and edit their product's descriptions in the catalog.
  • Control pricing process.
  • Control software products sales process, from customer's or dealer's order placement to obtaining remuneration.
  • Get statistics on user behavior on the Softkey server (number of pages viewed, program downloaded, products added to cart, ads clicked, author's site views, etc.).
  • Get statistics on promotional campaigns and asses their effectiveness.
  • Download accounting documents.

For natural persons, Softkey undertakes payment of all taxes.

Softkey Internet Supermarket works with authors and vendors through the Partners Department:
Phone: +7 (495) 775-1286, 9807250, 8-800-100-1286 (free calls from Russian) ext. 1700,